Have you ever tried Fig Liqueur? Or can you imagine a bittersweet Tangerine Gin? All our liqueurs are homemade, with no additives or coloring ingredients.

Medronho, our pride and joy, is a fruit brandy which we call Aguardente. It literally means „fire-water“! Don´t worry, it’s not as risky as it sounds! In fact, it’s so good and invigorating that it is now one of the insider tips from brandy connoisseurs.

These days the wild berries needed for Medronho have become extremely hard to find, but once they are, they go through a long and delicate distillation process. The license to produce this liqueur is equally expensive, so this special spirit is getting harder and harder to find. But guess what: At Marafado we’ve got it!

Medronho Berlin