Have you tried the spicy Portuguese sausage Chouriço at Marafado Berlin? Our Chouriço from the Black Iberian Pig from Monchique is one of the tastiest delicacies we have to offer. It is cooked with several spices over a flame. At the Boxhagener farmers’market, we prepare it in front of your eyes, as it should be: flambéed. Bom provecho!

Chouriço Berlin
Chouriço Berlin

In contrast to the Spanish Chouriço, the Portuguese sausage is prepared with more herbs and has a spicier aroma. There are different types of Chouriço, there are both milder and hotter sausages, and there are also various forms of sausage. A particularly spicy taste characterizes our Chouriço from Monchique.

To flambé the Chouriço, you put the sausage in a ceramic bowl, and underneath is Medronho, which is lit for a short time. Meanwhile, cut into the sausage so that the fat can escape. The delicious, spicy chouriço is ready and goes wonderfully with bread or wine. Also, it is used in certain Portuguese dishes.

Come by at Boxhagener Platz Berlin and try our delicious Chouriço straight from the flame! Or for the brave among you: buy the sausage from us in the shop and flambé it yourself at home!