Craft Beer

Portuguese beer at Marafado Berlin – convince yourself of the taste of the Algarve!

Besides its wine, Portugal is also known for its beer. Portuguese beer has a remarkable reputation and is drunk with pleasure. The first mention of serving beer dates back to the 17th century in Lisbon and has had a long tradition ever since. In addition to the conventional and well-known types of beer in Portugal, several craft beer breweries work with different tastes. Our beers come from craft beer breweries in the Algarve and are produced with a lot of manual work and love.


This beer pairs wonderfully with mild cheeses, stews, and braises and should be drunk from the glass to get the full enjoyment. Tuber is unique because it contains sweet potato, is not filtered, and has no preservatives. Surprise yourself with the unique taste of this beer!


Witbier is an original Belgian beer style that is now produced all over the world. Marafada implements this style with the best oranges from Silves. The result is slightly cloudy and fresh, so it goes well with vegetarian or vegan dishes, mackerel, and seafood. In our Berlin Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain stores, you can enjoy our Portuguese beer in a pleasant atmosphere.