Cured Ham

Finest Portuguese ham at Marafado Berlin! The famous “Black Iberian Pig” has such unique genetics that it is one of twelve historical strains of pig breeds worldwide. Back then, theportugiesischer Schinken Berlin Romans started breeding this pig, and the tradition is still alive in Portugal today. The pigs grow up in their natural environment. Here they live in complete freedom and feed exclusively on acorns. The particular taste of the ham comes from the unique farming and diet of the Iberian pigs, making it a specialty in Portugal.

Preparing the “presunto” (cured ham) is a matter of patience; it takes about two years. The first year alone is spent raising the piglet until it weighs 100kg. After slaughter, the hind leg is completely soaked in sea salt for three months. Subsequently, it is hung up in a cold room to dry for about eight months.

You’ve probably guessed it, the patience pays off. The result of this process is a multi-award-winning top gastronomic delicacy. Certainly, we have this finest Portuguese ham for you at Marafado Berlin! Visit our Berlin shops in Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain and try the tender ham together with other Portuguese specialties such as cheese or a glass of wine.