Portuguese honey Berlin

We have different types of honey in our range in Berlin, and you can get delicious Portuguese honey at Marafado Berlin! In tea, on bread, or pure. Honey is a great natural product that is as healthy as it is delicious. As a natural sweetener, it has fewer calories than sugar. It also contains anti-inflammatory enzymes and valuable antioxidants.

Bees produce the nectar to have supplies for the winter. They first collect the flower nectar and bring it to the hive. By passing it on to another, the bee provides the nectar with valuable enzymes. Then, they store it in open honeycombs, where water can escape. The honeycomb is sealed with beeswax when the nectar is dry enough. Beekeepers remove the combs and the wax and finally gain the delicious honey.

Due to the particular climatic conditions in the Algarve and the local flora, the bees produce a unique nectar that stands out for its color and taste. At Marafado, we have two different types: orange and lavender honey of the best organic quality. The orange honey is mixed with the finest oranges from the Algarve and has a very fruity aroma. In contrast, our lavender honey has a herbal note. It is made from French lavender, which is found in particular in the Mediterranean region.