Olive Oil

We present you: our liquid gold. Marafado Berlin has the finest olive oil from Portugal for you!

Olive oil is not just olive oil because you can taste the qualitative differences immediately. The quality of the oil depends on the climatic conditions, the type of soil, and the care taken during extraction and storage. We have brought the highest quality, the so-called Azeite Virgem Extra (extra virgin oil), to Berlin for you. This award means that it has a maximum acidity of 0.8% and is free of sensory defects.

olive oil Portugal Berlin

Portuguese consume around 5l of liquid gold per year. In Germany, however, per capita consumption is only 0.8l. Is it because the Germans haven’t tried the excellent olive oil yet? That’s what we’re here for now. And we provide you with the best stuff!

We have two different olive oils from small productions in the Algarve. Try this olive oil from Santa Catarina, a small family business with a long tradition. It is mild and has a gently fruity note.

Since we visited Quinta dos Sentidos, we also have their delicious olive oil in stock. The oil has a yellowish color and tastes fresh, fruity, mild and has a slight spiciness. The olives are harvested by hand and processed immediately.

olive oil Portugal Berlin