Olives Portugal Berlin

They are available in different colors, shapes, and sizes. In Europe alone, there are over a thousand different types of olives. Since the trees love warmth, they like to grow in the Algarve. Both are pure as a snack or an ingredient for cooking – they taste deliciously salty. That’s why Marafado Berlin has green and black olives from Portugal for you. It’s worth trying!

The cultivation of olive trees began as early as the 4th millennium BC. The Greeks and Romans were great worshipers of the tree. They grew the trees and produced olive oil from the fruit. As a result, the olive trees spread throughout the dominion of the Roman Empire and reached as far as Portugal. They can be found throughout the Mediterranean, requiring certain climatic conditions, such as mild winters and hot summer temperatures. In the Algarve, the olive tree finds the optimal conditions thanks to the climate and is an integral part of agriculture.

The tree grows very slowly and begins to flower in spring. The fruit starts to form and ripens into fall or winter. In the summer, it is still green; over time, it becomes darker and black. There are two different ways of harvesting the olives: manually, shaking the fruit from the tree onto a net with poles, or loosening it with a machine.