At Marafado you can buy authentic Portuguese pastries in Berlin and our Pastel de Nata are among the best in the city. Our pastries are handmade, in the traditional way. You can taste the sweetness of more than 50 years of experience!

Pastel de Nata at Marafado: Authentic Portuguese pastries in BerlinThis pastry is one of the most popular from Portugal.

One of the most famous delicacies from Portugal is the Pastel de Nata. The history of these delicious tartlets can be traced back to the 18th century in a monastery in Belém, today’s Lisbon district. Even then, people could not resist the taste. Convince yourself of the best Pastel de Nata that you can enjoy in Berlin: at the market at Boxhagener Platz or in one of our shops. For those who like to try it, we have other varieties with walnut, coconut, or a vegan version to choose. It tastes particularly delicious in combination with a Galão!


We call it “Fig Cheese”, because of its form and consistency, but there´s no cheese in it. It´s just pressed figs and almonds, with some other secrets we won´t tell you, of course.


One more of the Portuguese Pastries at Marafado Berlin is the “Algarvio” Cake, almost the perfect definition of the Algarve flavour. Carob, Almond and Fig, all delicately proportioned.


Dom Rodrigo is a conventual dessert from the very south of Portugal. It has been produced since the 18th century and it is an awarded dessert in gastronomical contests. It is, almost literally, a transformation of eggs, sugar, cinnamon and almonds into pure joy.


For sure you already recognized these ones if you have ever been to the Algarve. The “Doce Fino” are famous for their original and funny forms. They´re marzipan, with egg yolk inside. Tempting, right?