Canned Goods

Canned fish is one of the oldest “fast foods” in the world.

The industry for this has their roots in the Algarve in the 19th century and has experienced highs and lows. Healthy, easy and fast products are very popular nowadays. This is why canned fish has had a comeback. Old factories and producers reclaimed their images, developed new canning methods and recipes and came up with amazing creations.


You can mostly find canned fish at gourmet food stores or at restaurants nowadays.

From sardines to octopus, tuna, mackerel or eel – there are plenty options. Plus the sauces are always delicious. Let us introduce you to: sardines with spicy tomato sauce, mackerel with habanero pepper and cilantro and so on….


We got them all: a selection from a traditional canning factory and also organic hand-packed options in jars.

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