Flor de Sal

The finest sea salt from Portugal: Flor de Sal.


The salt gardens fill up with ocean water during the high tide. In the following days the water can evaporate due to the sun, a temperature around 30°C and very little rain between June and September. Because of the vaporization the Fleur de Sel can settle on the water surface.  Then a fine layer of tiny crystals builds up and can be harvested by hand. This harvesting process can be repeated multiple times until the pool is being left to dry. On the ground remains then the chunky sea salt.

This is a very natural and gentle way of producing salt. Also, the salt stays as it is and is not being processed or treated with any chemicals. Unlike conventional salt that you get at the supermarket, the Fleur de Sal has precious nutrients. And yes, you can taste, feel and see the difference!


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