Have you ever tried Fig Liquor? Or can you imagine a bittersweet Tangerine Gin?

All our liquors are homemade, without additives or artificial colouring.

In Portugal we’re especially proud of our Aguardente de Medronho. Ever heard of it? Medronho is the Western strawberry tree and its fruits are the base of the so-called Aguardente. The exact translation is fire water because it stimulates the spirit. To sum it up: Aguardente is a real treasure of the brandy world.

Since this tree grows wild and the harvesting process is arduous manual work, Aguardente de Medronho can very rarely be found at supermarkets. The production of this spirit asks for a long and elaborate distillation and requires a distilling license. Therefore, only few producers make this special treat which makes it even more interesting for gourmets.

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