“Algarve is sun and sea, delicious fish, beautiful beaches and… good wine.”


The Algarve is known for its wonderful coast, sunny beaches and amazingly fresh fish. However, there is something else that should be mentioned: the good wine! Because due to more than 3000 sun hours, hot summers and mild winters, the South of Portugal has the best conditions for a great wine region.

The manner of production of the wine is as important. Nowadays, the process is still based on the traditional production coined by the Romans. So many producers harvest the grapes by hand. We aim to support the wonderful art of viticulture. For this, we are in direct touch with the local suppliers.

Even though it is a rather small wine region, the Algarve has multiple exciting projects. These emerged with the revival of the winemaking. We carry some of our favourites, produced by Quinta da Penina and Quinta do Outeiro. The soil is sandy, sometimes even with clay and slate. This makes the wine taste full-bodied and balanced. In addition, there is the warm wind from the Mediterranean Sea and the influence of the Atlantic Ocean. The mountains of Monchique protect the area from the cold north winds and the constant sunshine does the rest. It is not without reason that the wines of the Algarve are repeatedly praised by critics and honored with awards.

Quinta da Penina is supplied with three different grape varieties from the Portimão and Lagoa region. The warm coastal climate, with its own microclimate and unique soil conditions, makes the wine taste gently flattering, full-bodied and balanced. Quinta da Penina’s winery is steeped in tradition due to its original structure. And although their first wine “only” saw the light of day in 2005, the wines of the winery are particularly full-bodied.

Quinta do Outeiro is located in the Silves region. The area is especially known for the clay limestone and gives the wine a complex and powerful flavor. Founder and owner Joaquim Lopes runs the family business together with his son. Both are united by the common production as well as passion for good wine with the background of protecting and preserving nature as best as possible. This results in full-bodied wines that reflect the richness of the region and the love for the product.

We are happy to offer you this selection:


Paxá, Tinto Reserva 2015 

Hand-picked and harvested red wine, which was then allowed to rest for twelve months in French oak barrels. Goes well with hearty stews with its intense aroma of ripe blackberry, plum and vanilla and caramel. On the palate, the wine is full-bodied and gives room for further development in the bottle. Ideally, the Paxá Tinto Reserva is enjoyed at a drinking temperature of 16 to 18 degrees.


Quinta do Outeiro, Tinto Reserva 2014 

The QO Tinto presents aromas of ripe fruit and spices. It is robust, soft and enveloping on the palate. It has spent a full 24 months in French oak barrels. Syrah; Alicante Bouschet; Touriga Nacional; Aragonez.


Quinta da Penina, Reserva

Quinta da Penina Reserva is an intense red wine from the Algarve. With its aroma of ripened raspberries and blackberries, this wine tastes both smooth and full-bodied. For its aging process, this wine was allowed to mature for six months in French oak barrels. The result is a flavorful, well-aged, silky red wine. Long lasting and elegant finish.


Quinta da Penina, Reserva 2015

This is an intense red wine with the aroma of well ripened raspberries and blackberries. It is full bodied and silky with elegant tannins that give a long and persistent finish.


Quinta da Penina, DOP, Lagoa Branco

This exquisite white wine of classification DOP has a fruity aroma of pear and pineapple. The palate is harmonious, balanced and fresh, with a good volume and a soft but persistent finish. Perfect for a feast of grilled fish and seafood.


Foral de Portimão, Premium   

Here is an intense red wine with purple nuances, scents of ripe fruit, coffee and spices. The palate is fresh, full-bodied and silky. Creamy tannins on the finish that give it a great long flavor aroma. Petit Verdot.


Foral de Portimão, Selection

This Foral de Portimão is an intense tasting dry red wine with scents of vanilla and red fruits. On the palate it is lush, silky and its acidity is well balanced. It pairs well with veal, poultry, beef and pasta. Ideally, the wine is enjoyed at a drinking temperature of 16 to 18 degrees.


Foral de Portimão, Rosé  

This wine has a fresh aroma reminiscent of cherry. Overall a very light but well balanced rosé with an elegant finish.


Foral de Portimão, Branco 

Coming from the sunny Algarve, this white wine is ideal for traditional fish or seafood dishes. Its fruity and floral notes are reminiscent of rose and peach. Its taste is balanced and the finish is long and elegant. The ideal drinking temperature is 12 degrees.


Quinta da Penina Tradicão

Harvested from old vineyards of Quinta da Palmarinha, this Tinto matured only in stainless steel tanks, not in oak barrels. It has a strong ruby color and aromas of ripe red fruits and vanilla. In the mouth it presented fruity fresh and very smooth with a light and elegant finish.


João Clara Reserva 2016

A red wine with black cherry color, an aroma of black plums and red fruits, with notes of dark chocolate. Well integrated with spicy notes from the barrel. The palate is rich and concentrated, it finishes with hints of fresh fruit.


João Clara Negramole 2016

This is a wine of light red color, where the aroma of gooseberry and sour cherry is mixed with notes of dried fruits. The tannins are persistent and long.


João Clara Rosé 

João Clara Rosé has a very nice light color. Its aromas range from pomegranate to lychee, so that in the mouth it develops a flavor explosion of red fruits.


Paxá Branco Reserva 2018

White wine from the sunny Algarve. This one has floral, mineral and slightly fruity notes. As a result, the taste is soft and creamy, with a slightly salty finish. That’s why it goes well with fish stew, seafood, rice and goat cheese.


Quinta do Francês Rosé

 Near Silves, this wine is made on the 8-hectare Quinta do Francês. The result is a rosé with a fruity note and an aroma of red fruits.

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