Flor de Sal

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Flor de Sal is a lighter, much more tender version of the salt we already know. The delicate, crystalline structure grows on the surface of salt water like a flower. For this reason it is beautifully called the flower of salt. Interestingly it can only grow when wind, sunlight and temperature are in the right conditions.

The salt flower has only come to us to the local kitchens in the last few years – but has become already an indispensable part of upscale cuisine.

Pay attention! The Floeur de sel (as the French like to call it) is not supposed to be used while cooking. The salt is “only” supposed to be used for garnishing and serving, for example at the table. The delicate, at the same time crispy structure enhances the taste of the dish and gives a new, unexpected taste experience.

The Salmarim Flor de Sal is carefully grown and harvested in the nature reserve. Time flows a little differently in Portugal. Means in general: The land flows more slowly over time – and so the extraction and production process is more traditional.