Delicious vinegar from the Algarve in Portugal with local ingredients!

A product with a 100% Algarvian soul that praises the fruit and herbs of the region: Vinagre. Naturally, you can refine your food with these vinegars. Or you can mix amazing cocktails! These are all made with local products from the Algarve, and the aromatic components such as thyme, mint, or figs give the kinds of vinegar an intense taste experience.

vinegar from Portugal
A selection of our kinds of vinegar

Convince yourself of our different tastes: be surprised by our grape vinegar with the best grapes from the Algarve, refined with the mint variety Pennyroyal or as another variant with thyme. The wonderful mixture of fruits and herbs creates a unique taste suitable for a wide variety of dishes. Or the orange vinegar, which impresses with its particularly fruity aroma. Another vinegar from Portugal to bring you the taste of the Algarve is the Marafado fig vinegar. It is ideal for salads or desserts.

Zu sehen ist eine Flasche mit Ingwer Essig
Ginger vinegar
Leckerer Himbeer- Essig aus Portugal
Raspberry vinegar

We also have raspberry and ginger vinegar, which go very well with both dishes and drinks. Feel free to drop by one of our locations in Berlin to choose one or more types of vinegar from our diverse selection!