Wherever Citrus trees are abundant, there will be Carob trees as well. At least that´s what the Grandmas and Grandpas always say. Well, in the Algarve they grow side by side everywhere so, there has to be something true about it.


Carob trees have been cultivated for more than 4000 years, and its health benefits are well known, although only in the last 20 years the carob fruit has been widely explored as a healthier alternative for Cacao, because of its lower level of calories.

Carob flour is used abundantly for Pastries in the Algarve. Its unique flavour, together with the progressive search for healthier foods, have transformed the carob flour into a “must have” in every kitchen. So, of course we have freshly baked carob cakes at our market stands.


But Marafado has a “thing” for Liquor, that´s why we distillate the carob fruit too. And it´s amazing!